The Book

Dust Mites: The Siege of Airlock Three

The year… 2075.

The location… Galileo Station, the largest settlement on the Moon.

The crisis… The United States federal government is determined to rope in its free-wheeling lunar colonies. Resentful of intrusive politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., the Galiletians are getting restless.

The spark… When negotiations deadlock over Galileo Station’s right to settle new territories, U.S. Attorney Alyssa Reyes makes a critical decision: to infiltrate an elite squad of U.S. Marshals into the underground colony, snatch Governor Alexander Macaulay, and bring him to trial in U.S. territory. But the plan goes awry. The Galiletians resist, and events spiral out of control.

The actions of a handful of men and women determine the fate of the Moon and, with it, the geopolitical balance of power on Earth.

A work of future fiction, “Dust Mites: The Siege of Airlock Three,” is more than an action-packed page turner. It explores the eternal struggle between tyranny and liberty. “Dust Mites” will be available for purchase on shortly.

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